Notes - BUS work & IG

The route 

bus route.jpg

This is the planned route. Already I have taken the bus up Maine, over to Nova Scotia then up to Newfoundland...from there and a number of trips from summer through winter, up to the White Mountains in NH. After a break selling my car and house - The big trip with be starting in Newburyport MA. Since the winter months are quite cold up the north east... I'll drive down to South Carolina and onward to Key west.. plenty of stops along the way. From there over to San Diego with plenty of stops..especially in Arizona. Heading down the the coast of Mexico is a possibility but not set in stone. From there.. heading up the forests and coastlines of California up to Oregon &Washington. From there through British Columbia, Alberta and down weaving back in forth through Montana, Idaho, Over to ND and back through Yellowstone and the Tetons.. ending in Colorado before heading back to the east coast hopefully in the late summer to fall. 

Some work