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Roam 4 Wild

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My names Jeremy. I grew up an only child in the state of Maine spending lots of time outdoors. As years went by, my passion for photography dimmed and I lost track of myself, focusing on real estate, flipping houses and working as a scout for an NHL team...but I wasn't truly happy. After a trip to Africa, I found that love for photography and wildlife again, it was an amazing feeling.... So I began a search and a year later... I found a bus to begin that journey for a special feeling while bringing my best friend (my dog) Everest along with me. 

The goal of Roam4Wild is to travel the country of the United state and parts of Canada, while trying to do better on my own.. Recycle, clean up beaches, as well as film and photograph the journey putting together an entire movie to create awareness, appreciation of the land & the healing life changing effect it has had on myself. 


How You Can


  • Recycle 

  • Pick up at least a few pieces of trash every time you leave the beach - A single plastic bag on the beach might have saved a sea turtle. A little can go along way.

  • Use re-usable water bottles 

  • Reduce your meat consumption, buy from local farmers.

  • Buy from companies that give back - that produce eco friendly material - Check out 4Ocean, Tentree & Patagonia to name a few. 

  • Put OUT your outdoor FIRES!!! Saying it should be ok.. is probably exactly what the person said before causing a massive wild fire that destroyed so much land and so many animals. 

  • Stay away from cruise ships 

  • Invest in solar 

  • Use re-usable bags 

  • Get a rain barrel for your home

  • Reduce the amount of paper you use 

  • DONATE - There are so many amazing non profits and wildlife foundations for what ever you feel in most important - DSWT.org, OCEANA.org, WCS, National Forest Foundation, GORILLADOCTORS.org, Nwf, SEALEGACY.org to name a few. 

  • GET INVOLVED - Volunteer, beach clean ups, plant trees, wildlife rehabilitation centers..research your area to see how you can help locally. 

  • & Be an EDUCATOR - Tell others, broadcast it, why you feel its important, & encourage them to follow your lead!




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